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This is a guide to program Motorola Minitor IV and III pagers.

Download the software

The first thing to do is place the pager into programming mode.

  1. Insert a good battery into the Minitor IV or III pager and turn it off
  2. Change the switch position to "C"
  3. Hold down the reset button then turn the pager on while holding the button down
  4. Release the reset switch. You should hear a continuous beep for 3 seconds
  5. The pager is now in programming mode
Next read the Minitor IV or III pager. If you were successful you will see the following.

The "red text" are our comments.
Minitor IV and III programming software

At the top click on "Channel F1" this will bring you to the second tab shown below.

This is where you enter the Minitor IV or III frequency and tones. If you have a two channel pager, select "Channel F2" (not shown) to enter frequency 2 information.
Motorola Minitor III and IV tones

The 3rd tab shows Minitor 3/4 pager options. We recommend the settings shown below.
Minitor III and IV pager programming options

The 4th tab sets the Minitor 3 and 4 pager switch settings as shown below.
Minitor 3 and 4 pager knob settings