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Venus, FL USA
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P&W Service Center
18442 County Rd 731
Venus, FL 33960
800-822-2180 (USA only)
Fax: 941-360-2207
e-mail: sales@pwservice.com
web: www.pwservice.com
Weekdays 9:30AM - 4:30PM EST
(Closed on major holidays)
crystalw.jpg (53250 bytes) Frequency changes are at a flat rate charge. The price includes crystals, installation, and tuning.
  • Minitor II and KeyNote pagers $65.00 each
    • To add a second channel to a Minitor II pager that doesn't have a second channel is an extra $10 plus the frequency change.
  • Swissphone RE529/DE900/DV500 pagers $82.50 each
  • Swissphone RE629/DE920 pagers $82.50 each
Download Service form ---> here New WindowPDF File


We can also perform board conversions

Below is a chart to convert from one frequency band to a different band

Minitor III (3) & IV (4) conversions
Going from Going to Price
Low Band (33-47MHz) Low band (33-47MHz) $95
Low Band (33-47MHz) VHF (151-159MHz) $115
Low Band (33-47MHz) UHF (450-470MHz) $85
VHF (151-159MHz) Low Band (33-47MHz) $95
VHF (143-170MHz) VHF (151-159MHz) $115
VHF (151-159MHz) UHF (450-470MHz) $85
UHF (450-470MHz) Low Band $95
UHF (450-470MHz) VHF (151-159MHz) $115
UHF (450-470MHz) UHF (450-470MHz) $85
All others not listed $115

add $45 to the above to program your frequency and paging tones

- Add a 2nd channel to a Minitor 3 & 4 pager
  • $45 to add a 2nd channel (in the same freq band)
  • $25 to add a 2nd channel while doing a board conversion (above) at the same time
- Add Stored voice to a Minitor 3 & 4 pager
  • $120 to add stored voice
  • $85 to add stored voice if doing a board conversion (above) at the same time
Please note that due to the complexity of converting Minitor 3 pagers and shortages of parts, not all of the above services may be available. Please contact us with your specific request so we may check availability.

The above prices do not include programming, repairs, or housing parts


Minitor II (2) conversions
Going from Going to Price
Low band (33-47MHz) VHF (150-165MHz) $65
Low band (33-47MHz) UHF (450-475 MHz) $85
Low band (33-47MHz) Low band (33-47MHz) $45
VHF (150-165MHz) Low Band (33-47MHz) $55
VHF (150-165MHz) UHF (450-475MHz) $85
VHF (136-170MHz) VHF (151-159MHz) $90
UHF (450-475MHz) Low band (33-47MHz) $45
UHF (450-475MHz) VHF (150-165MHz) $65
Add per channel per pager $52.50
Add (without exchange of a good working receiver board) $50
Call for availability - stock continually changes
Keynote conversions (any frequency band to another)
$45 each plus $65.00 for the frequency change