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Federal Signal Informer Features:

  • Instant alert and notification of emergency situations
  • 4 Channels (user selectable)
  • High efficiency 85db(A) 4" speaker for tone and voice
  • One year warranty
  • DTMF and Two-Tone decoding-standard
  • Tone-Coded for Digital Coded Squelch option
  • RS232 port for unlimited reprogramming the operating system
  • Windows based software for easy programming
  • Battery Back-up included
  • Easily adaptable for the hearing impaired
  • Tone and monitor (selectable)
  • Flashing LED light
The Informer is available in Low Band, VHF or UHF. The Informer is a new tone-alert radio designed specifically for the emergency management market. The Informer includes a commercial grade radio receiver in Low, High, and UHF bands. The standard product will decode DTMF and Two-Tone Sequential. Options include EAS/SAME or Federal´s new digital protocol, and tone-or digital-coded squelch.

The Informer comes with a UL certified wall transformer and a battery back-up system that can provide more than 1-1/2 hours of full monitoring or multiple hours in standby mode. In addition, the Informer can be purchased with a 600 ohm dual relay to drive a strobe light for the hearing impaired, or other devices utilizing a contact closure. With an 85dBA sound pressure rating at 10 feet, the Informer is sure to get the attention of users, even in noisy environments.

Informer price

Dual relay with audio out, Low band, VHF or UHF (+$40) - $945   

  • We have some Low Band and UHF without the Dual relay/audio out in stock, subtract $165 for this version
  • Program Informer at time of purchase $75.00 (plus $20 each clone)
  • EAS installed add $210
  • FSK installed add $195
Programming software/hardware $395
Federal Signal Informer

Replacement power supply $75
Federal Signal Informer

Replacement battery $85
Federal Signal Informer


Federal Signal Informer repair

  • Basic repair rate $465

Download the repair form to get started.


Convert existing wide band Informers to narrow band (does not include a repair):

  • $240 each

Download the repair form to get started.