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Programming cables & RIB Box

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Radio programming interface (RIB Box) includes power supply, serial cable and instructions. It can be powered by a internal 9V battery (not included) or by using the 120V power supply (included).

Power supply for the RIB box (120V AC) Fits PWS4008 and RLN4008 interfaces.
For radios that require a RIB box you will need the cable (select for your radio below) that connects the radio to the RIB Box and the software for each radio. Due to Motorola restrictions we can't sell you the software.
Astro Saber Saber SI rkn4046a BPR40 PMDN4043CR CP125 AAPMKN4004A CP150 AAPMKN4004A CP200 AAPMKN4004A CT150 AAPMKN4004A CT250 AAPMKN4004A CT450 CT450LS AAPMKN4004A EP450 AAPMKN4004A EX500 AAJMKN4123A EX600 EX600XLS AAJMKN4123A GP88 HKN9857A GP300 HKN9857A GP318 RKN4075A GP320 RKN4075A GP238 RKN4075A GP328 AAJMKN4123A GP338 RKN4075A GP340 RKN4075A GP350 REX1143B GP360 RKN4075A GP380 RKN4075A GP640 RKN4075A GP680 RKN4075A GP688 AAJMKN4123A GP900 RKN4035D GP1200 RKN4035D GP1280 RKN4075A GTX HKN9857A HT600 HT600E RTK4205C HT750 RKN4075A HT1000 RKN4035D HT1250 HT1250LS RKN4075A HT1550 HT1550LS RKN4075A JT1000 RKN4035D MT1000 RTK4205C MT2000 RKN4035D MT2100 RKN4035D MTS2000 RKN4035D MTX800 RTK4205C MTX810 RTK4205C MTX820 RTK4205C MTX850 MTX850LS RKN4075A MTX888 RTK4205C MTX900 RTK4205C MTX950 RKN4075A MTX8000 RKN4035D MTX8250 RKN4075A MYX9000 RKN4035D MTX9250 RKN4075A MX1000 RTK4203C MX2000 RTK4203C MX3000 RTK4203C P110 HKN9857A P200 RTK4205C P210 RTK4205C P500 RTK4205C P1225 HKN9857A PR400 AAPMKN4004A PR860 RKN4075A PRO2150 AAPMKN4004A PRO2150 DSK001C706A PRO3150 AAPMKN4004A PRO5150 RKN4075A PRO5450 RKN4075A PRO5550 RKN4075A PRO5750 RKN4075A PRO5350 RKN4075A PRO7150 RKN4075A PRO7350 RKN4075A PRO7450 RKN4075A PRO7550 RKN4075A PRO7750 RKN4075A PRO9150 RKN4075A PTX1200 RKN4035D Saber I II R RTK4203C SP50 SP50+ HLN9102A Visar 3080371E46 VL130 DSK001C706A XTS2500 RKN4105A XTS3000 RKN4035D XTS3500 RKN4035D XTS5000 RKN4105A Mobile Astro Digital Spectra 0180300B10 Mobile ASTRO Spectra Plus HKN6155A Mobile CDM750 AARKN4081B Mobile CDM1225 3080070N01 Mobile CDM1250 AARKN4081B Mobile CDM1550LS LS+ AARKN4081B Mobile CM140 FKN8096A Mobile CM160 FKN8096A Mobile CM200 FKN8096A Mobile CM300 FKN8096A Mobile CM340 FKN8096A Mobile CM360 FKN8096A Mobile EM200 FKN8096A Mobile EM400 FKN8096A Mobile GM140 AARKN4081B Mobile GM160 AARKN4081B Mobile GM300 3080070N01 Mobile GM338 AARKN4081B Mobile GM340 AARKN4081B Mobile GM340 AARKN4081B Mobile GM360 AARKN4081B Mobile GM380 AARKN4081B Mobile GM640 AARKN4081B Mobile GM660 AARKN4081B Mobile GM1280 AARKN4081B Mobile GM3188 FKN8096A Mobile GM3688 FKN8096A Mobile GR300 3080070N01 Mobile GR400 3080070N01 Mobile GR500 3080070N01 Mobile GTX 3080070N01 Mobile LCS2000 3080070N01 Mobile M1225 M1225LS 3080070N01 Mobile M10 3080070N01 Mobile M100 3080070N01 Mobile M120 3080070N01 Mobile M130 3080070N01 Mobile M200 3080070N01 Mobile M208 3080070N01 Mobile M216 3080070N01 Mobile M400 3080070N01 Mobile MCX760 AARKN4081B Mobile MCX780 AARKN4081B Mobile MCS2000 RKN4063A Mobile PM400 FKN8096A Mobile PRO3100 AARKN4081B Mobile PRO5100 AARKN4081B Mobile PRO7100 AARKN4081B Mobile R1225 3080070N01 Mobile SM50 3080070N01 Mobile SM120 3080070N01 Mobile Syntor 9000E 0180353A75 Mobile XTL5000 HKN6155A