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Physically the adaptor is a small printed circuit board that mounts inside the pager housing and is attached by 5 wires (see picture)


We can install the monitor board into a Keynote or Director II pager. Below is a description as to how each will function.

Here is how the Keynote with monitor will function:

  • The pager has a slide switch on the side which switches the pager into monitor mode or out of the monitor mode
    1. Monitor mode - The pager works exactly the same as a Minitor II pager in the "1" position. The keynote will monitor the channel and anything being transmitted will be picked up. When the transmission ends the pager will automatically turn off the audio. It can also be alerted (audio alert only) in the monitor mode and can be programmed with any tones that will also alert a Minitor II pager.
    2. Non-Monitor mode (alert) - The pager will not monitor when in this position but will still alert whenever it is toned out. In this mode the pager can alert with either a vibe or one short chirp alert. To get the pager to give the full series of beeps in the non-monitor position we would need to modify the pagers circuit board, which will cause you to loose the vibrate function. This modification is called "Full Alert" and cost and additional $15. After the alert the pager will turn on the audio so you can hear the transmission, however the audio will remain on even after the transmission ends. The pager must be manually reset to stop the audio (in monitor mode the pager will automatically reset itself when the transmission ends), this is the only difference in its operation from the Minitor II pager in the "bell" position.


  • Installed in a Keynote pager $65 each

We can put the monitor board into a Director II pager.

  • The Director II needs to have two knobs on top of the pager. If your pager only has one then we will need to add the second knob at a cost of $15 for the monitor to work.
  • When in monitor mode the Director II will monitor the channel and function just like a Minitor II pager. It will pick up everything on the channel and if the paging tones are set off the pager will alert.
  • When the pager is in the non-minitor position it will work like a normal Director II pager. It will be quiet until the paging tones are sent then it will alert. After the alert the pager must be manually reset to stop the audio.
  • If your Director II has a vibrator then it will be set up as follows.
    • Position 1 is non-monitor with audio alert
    • Position 2 is monitor with vibe alert
    • Position 3 is monitor with audio alert
    • We can install a vibe into your Director II pager for an extra $20
  • Monitor board Installed in a Director II pager $70 each.

Please note that installing this board into your pager will void the Manufactures warranty. We warranty the monitor board for 90 days, however this warranty doesn't cover the pager unless we repaired the pager at the same time.