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When Motorola designed the Minitor II one thing was left out, there is no way to scan both channels for activity. This is understandable, because scanning is not compatible with "alert" mode operation. (You might be listening to a transmission on one channel and miss a page on the other channel.) Still, in many situations, the ability to hear activity on either channel is more important than tone-alert operation.

For example:

- during off-duty times when the alert function is not needed

- during an event after an alert call has been received

Here's how it works:

The scan adapter does not affect the normal operation of the pager in the "Bell" or the "1" position.

When the channel switch is in the "2" position, the pager scans both channels in Monitor mode, stopping whenever a signal is received on either channel. The pager can still receive a page in the scan mode if the channel it stops on is sending the tone alerts. The pager can not receive a page if, for example, it locks onto channel 2 and a page is sent on channel 1.

Physically, the scan adapter is a tiny printed circuit board which mounts inside the pager case. Surface mount technology is used to assure maximum reliability. The adapter itself carries a 90 day warranty. (Any modification of a pager may void the manufacturer's warranty, so it is not advisable to modify a brand new pager.)

Please note this board will only work in the 2-tone version of Minitor II pagers, not the PL (private line) version.

The price for the Minitor II scan option are as follows:

  • Sold as a do it yourself kit: $32.50 comes with complete instructions. Requirements are a soldering iron and minor technical skill.
  • Installed in the pager: $65 without a purchase of a Minitor II.
  • If you don't have a 2nd channel in the pager now we can add the second channel for $62.50 ($52.50 for the frequency change plus $10 for additional parts).

The adaptor comes with a 90 day warranty. However this will not cover the pager, just the scan board, unless we also repaired the pager.